Partner Program

About the program

The SR Media Partner Program was created to allow freelancers the opportunity to access an additional stream of clients. It helps us by increasing the size of our team and bandwidth, and helps the freelancers by giving them additional opportunities for revenue.

How it works

Apply Below

Fill out the application form below to express your interest in the program. We require information about what type of services you offer, your portfolio, and your pricing structure.

Get Approved

We will review your application to make sure it meets our standards. All of our freelancers are vetted to make sure that the quality is no less than what we are normally able to offer.

Get More Clients

Once approved, you will be notified when we get a new project that matches your skillset. You will then be able to accept/decline the project. You will also get access to many resources from SR Media.

There are two types of people within the SR Media Canada freelancer program, but both have to apply below. The first type is where we provide you with the clients, and the second is where you bring your own clients. With the first type, we add a slight percentage to your rate in order to generate a small profit for us in exchange for allowing you to use our resources, and bringing the client to you. The second type is where you will supply your own clients, but you want to use SR Media resources (such as file storage, email, web hosting, invoice & finance processing, administrative assistance etc.). With that type, we take a small percentage of the fee that you charge to the client. You are able to adjust the price you charge to the client in order to maintain your base income. With both methods, you will earn as much as you want, and you will know how much you will earn prior to starting the project. 

Apply Now

Please provide your pricing structure above. We typically charge hourly, so please make sure to include an hourly rate. Additionally, if you have pre-defined packages with specific pricing, include that above.
Let us know if there is anything else you think we might want to know about you. If you have additional portfolio links, please include them here.
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