Full Suite of Media Production SERVICES

We are able to provide you with a full suite of premier digital solutions. Whether we’re producing everything in-house, or connecting you with one of our partners, we do it all.

We provide remarkable digital solutions

We are idea generators, goal seekers, challenge-thirsty professionals, creators of unique internet projects. We deliver unconventional solutions, combining the most advanced technologies, modern design, and bold communication.

SR Media Canada

Founded in 2012, SR Media Canada is a media production company based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Our mission is to enable businesses to execute their creative ideas efficiently and economically.

We build unique digital experiences for brands with power.

We offer a full suite of media production services. So if you need it done, we can do it.

Industry Experts

The team at SR Media Canada are industry experts who are all ready to work on your project.

We will work with you to help transform your idea into reality. We’ll help you throughout the entire process. From idea development to the final product: we are here for you.

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Our Work

Our awards and achievement

Best App Design award
Best Design award
Best UI Design award
Best Product award
Joey Sawayn

Forward Integration Specialist

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Vancouver, BC

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