SR Media Canada Acquires Recycled Living

VANCOUVER, BC – April 20, 2021 – SR Media Canada announces the acquisition of Portland-based non-profit Recycled Living.


SR Media Canada is pleased to announce the acquisition of Recycled Living. Recycled Living is a non-profit organization creating a real solution to houselessness and the recycling system. They use recycled plastic waste to construct the building materials required to make tiny homes for the 14,000 houseless in Portland. This strategy cleans up Portland while simultaneously reducing the number of people without homes in the city.


“SR Media Canada’s expertise in the digital business industry is providing a necessary part towards the advancement of Recycled Living. We are able to focus on our mission knowing that their team is experienced and highly knowledgeable within their field. I am thrilled to work closely with SR Media and am excited for what the future of our work together will bring.”

– Charlie Abrams, Founder of Recycled Living


“I am excited to start SR Media Canada’s non-profit portfolio with the acquisition of Recycled Living. Their unique idea will provide a comprehensive solution towards solving homelessness and plastic pollution. These are two issues our company cares deeply about. Recycled Living has the potential to do some truly amazing work in Portland and around the world.”

– Andrew Cocking, Founder & CEO of SR Media Canada


This acquisition proves beneficial to both companies. SR Media Canada will provide Recycled Living with all the resources necessary to get the project funded, started, and completed. Additionally, SR Media Canada will help with the expansion of the organization and continue the endeavour into other cities worldwide.




Amelia Wilson
Communications Director
SR Media Canada

About SR Media Canada

SR Media Canada is a Vancouver-based media production company with a team of close to 100 people. They provide a full suite of digital solutions including web development, video production, graphic design, social media management, digital marketing, and business consulting services. SR Media Canada has done work for clients such as GameStop, SeatGeek, ICBC, and the North Vancouver School District.

About Recycled Living

Recycled Living is based out of Portland, Oregon, a city that has the fourth-largest population of people living without a house in the United States. Paired with the rising 18 tons of plastic litter on Portland streets, it’s hard to disregard these two prevalent social issues. Recycled Living was created to implement a creative solution for these growing crises. They utilize the plastic trash in their city to create sustainable building materials in order to make tiny home communities for the houseless. These environmentally focused communities work with established homeless organizations to aid the community members in re-entering society. By finding innovative solutions to both these issues they can have a greater impact within the city.

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