Recycled Living Launches Fundraising Campaign

PORTLAND, OR – September 3, 2021 – Recycled Living announces the launch of its fundraising campaign.
We are thrilled to announce the launch of Recycled Living’s fundraising campaign. This campaign will support Recycled Living’s mission of turning plastic into a place to live by providing to construct Recycled Living’s proposed free-housing community in Portland, Oregon.
The community of tiny homes, built from recycled plastic bricks, will serve as a free place to live for families and individuals experiencing homelessness. This community is the first of many worldwide that Recycled Living hopes to construct.
While the seed funding has already been raised, additional funding is required in order to complete the first community.
To support Recycled Living’s mission, please consider donating to the GoFundMe campaign here.



Amelia Wilson
Communications Director
SR Media Canada

About Recycled Living

Recycled Living is based out of Portland, Oregon, a city that has the fourth-largest population of people living without a house in the United States. Paired with the rising 18 tons of plastic litter on Portland streets, it’s hard to disregard these two prevalent social issues. Recycled Living was created to implement a creative solution for these growing crises. They utilize the plastic trash in their city to create sustainable building materials in order to make tiny home communities for the houseless. These environmentally focused communities work with established homeless organizations to aid the community members in re-entering society. By finding innovative solutions to both these issues they can have a greater impact within the city.

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